5 Ways to Find the Best Shoes for Your Feet

When it comes to buying the shoes of perfect size of your feet it is a hectic task. The right fit of the shoe is like a myth among women. Every woman has a different body and hence different feet, which makes it difficult to find a pair that they would love and fit them lik­­­­e the glass shoe was a perfect fit for Cinderella. Since it is hard to find an amazing pair of shoes which are comfortable and looks beautiful, Jojo’s helps the women to have found themselves extremely stylish shoes without compromising the comfort.

Women have other requirements too when it comes to shoes. It is well known that women spend a more productive day spending most of their time walking and roaming around. So it is important that they have the actual size that will allow them to go places without a shoe trouble. To choose a pair of shoes, some steps can be kept in mind to find the perfect fit:

  1. Know your Exact Size: The simplest method to know your foot size is using the footprinting The foot usually falls under 3 kinds, neutral, rigid and flexible. You can take 2 or 3 prints of your foot by placing the foot in the water/ ink and placing them on a paper. If the pattern lies between rigid and neutral choose rigid. The rigid feet can fit high heels easily while the best match for flexible is a lower heeled shoe. The neutral feet can pick any kind.
  2. Know the Type you are Looking for: Just by knowing your size, you might find a beautiful shoe but later on, you would have to decide the purpose they fulfill. So choose smartly, whether you are looking for a formal shoe, stilettos, pumps, wedges, office shoes, boots, or sports shoes.
  3. Make sure the shoe is of Best Quality: When a woman looks for a shoe, she is most probably looking for a pair which has the best quality at affordable prices. But don’t compromise with the quality just because it is cheap cause you may suffer from itching, blisters, heel spur, or bunion if the quality of the product is not good. Also, make sure that the sole of the shoes is also Jojo’s designed their shoes with special quality materials to give women an amazing buying experience.
  4. Trust Your Guts: Women are usually convinced by the sellers that a pair is looking good and would be comfortable without even letting you check the pair. But you have to trust your guts because it is right most of the time. If you aren’t feeling comfortable in the shoe than it doesn’t matter if the shoe is of your size or you like the exquisiteness, you shouldn’t buy that shoe.
  5. Check Customers Reviews and Return Policies: There are many websites that offer calling services regarding queries about the product. If the website doesn’t offer this then you can always read the customer reviews to gain some extra knowledge about the product’s qualities and the website’s service. The return policies of the company are made in a manner to make the return of the product smooth, but there are also some terms and conditions you must follow to have the product replaced as Jojo’s only offer a refund if the replacement of the product is not available.

A free shipping service is provided for orders above $200. All the shoes available on the website are specifically designed to meet every wish woman usually have. The designers also customize the shoes to maintain uniqueness and comfort of the products. Jojo’s is a classic brand which offers genuine and high-quality products to make the online shopping enjoyable for the customers.